Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Unemployment Joke

Unemployment is likely to go a lot higher in the next nine months, so I bring you the Saturday unemploytment joke.

Gynecologist's Assistant Opening

A young man goes into the Job Center in Kansas City, Kansas and sees a card advertising an opening for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested he goes to learn more. “Can you give me some more details about this?” he asks the clerk behind the desk.

The Job Center clerk sorts through his files and replies, "Oh yes, here it is: The job entails you getting the lady patients ready for the gynecologist. You have to help them out of their underwear, lie them down and carefully wash their genital regions. You then apply shaving foam and gently shave off all their pubic hair then rub in soothing oils so that they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. There's an annual salary of $65,000 and full benefits."

"Great, where do I apply?" saked the man.

"You have to go to Wichita, Kansas. That's about 120 miles from here."

"Is that where the job is?"

"No sir - that's where the end of the line is..."

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