Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tough Act To Follow

What happens after the worst week ever?

The International Monetary Fund and G7 Finance leaders are meeting this weekend to see whether they can get their act together.

"Pressure mounted at the weekend on the world’s leading economies to spell out the specific “urgent and exceptional” steps they have promised to take to stabilise financial markets before they open on Monday.
It came as the International Monetary Fund “strongly endorsed” the group of seven leading economies’ action plan to prevent any more important banks failing, unfreeze money markets, recapitalise banks, restore confidence of depositors and reopen markets in securitised assets."
At least the Wall Street/Main Street rhetoric is finished. Everybody is in this boat and it is sinking.
A hero or a hooligan?
Well, that parts never clear.
Pride or shame, its all the same.
Whos innocent or whos to blame?
Politics or just a game?
Well in the end they knew his name.

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