Monday, November 17, 2008

America Loves Infamy - A Guest Post by the Cynic

The Cynic is a Wall Street guy I've known for about 15 years. We were chatting via IM this morning about the 2-way absurdity of Eliot Spitzer writing an Op Ed article this soon after the announcement that he would evade criminal charges, and the Washington Post agreeing to print it this weekend. The fabulous combo of I told you so and and here's how to fix it can be found here.

The Cynic's take:

On Hubris and the Incredible Shrinking Penalty Box

What is the required length of stay in the penalty box before a disgraced public figure is allowed a forum to opine on the direction of our country in a U.S. Newspaper? However ragriffic the Washington Post may be, is it really down to 6 months?

Eliot Spitzer is back and pontificating on what Obama should have the “wisdom and courage” to do with our economy. Unfortunately for all of us, the mistakes in his personal life prevent him from diving in and helping.

We have a fairly decent picture of what Spitzer is all about, so it is not surprising he would have the balls to come out and give advice to Obama or anyone for that matter, particularly using “wisdom and courage” as buzzwords.

Don’t the editors of the Post think there should be at least a 1 year moratorium before crime-stopping-crusaders-whilst-all-the-while-whoring-Governors should be allowed a forum to try and rehabilitate their careers? Aren’t there enough morally bankrupt narcissists in he public “service” sector they can drag out to write Op Ed pieces that haven’t within the past 6 months been googled alongside Alexandra Dupre 14 million times?

People deserve a second chance, even those as vindictive and petty as the former Governor, but in my opinion the Penalty Box is shrinking too fast.

-the Cynic.

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