Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sandisk Part II?

It seems like longer but it was only six or seven weeks ago that Samsung made a bid for flash memory maker Sandisk. Samsung is not typically very acquisitive so it makes sense that immediately after its first large attempt at a deal, Sandisk would miss the September quarter badly amid a crumbling consumer electronics economy.

Samsung offered $26 in cash for the company with Sandisk stock trading at around $21. Six weeks later, with Sandisk's stock trading at $10, Samsung dropped the bid entirely, which makes perfect sense given the circumstances.

Let's say you're in college and you have your eye on a cute girl. You think about it for a while then finally get up the courage to ask her to go to a movie next Friday. She says yes and you're happy until you find out that the guys across the street have scheduled a kegger/beer pong tourney for that night.

Of course you make up some excuse and go to the kegger.

How long do you have to wait until you ask cute girl out again?

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