Monday, January 5, 2009

Apple Board and Steve Jobs

I'm not sure what is true about the Apple CEO's health. Rumors about his health have been weighing on the stock for months. He came out today and said that the reason for his recent weight loss is not his history of pancreatic cancer but rather a hormonal imbalance. That sounds fine and I wish him all the best but I have no idea whether that is true and neither does the largest Apple investor.

The Apple Board, however, should know whether it is true. They might even have signed off on a white lie to protect Jobs' privacy. I'm not saying it's a lie but some people are.

What the Board does or doesn't do with personal information regarding a company executive is really fuzzy. Jobs at the helm is generally agreed to be worth billions in market value. That's a big deal. Executives' right to a life outside the office is also a big deal.

Any exec could quit, die or become ill at any moment. It's a risk you assume as an investor. If the story presented today is not the 100% truth, I guess I'm OK with that.

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