Friday, February 6, 2009

Appleton for President

Steve Appleton is commodity semiconductor producer Micron Technology's CEO. MU's stock is up 140% since the November 20 bottom. (I wouldn't buy it here but you certainly can)

If the U.S. economy were a semiconductor company, it would be bottoming now. Semi companies know how to put in a bottom and get moving to the upside. Obama and company are not so sure.

Flash memory spot prices have risen more than 50% since December 20. Flash memory is used in iPods, digital cameras, cell phones and the like. Its claim to fame is that it retains what is stored in its memory even when to power to its device is off, which makes it idea for portable consumer electronics.

Prices for flash got really weak last quarter so the suppliers acted swiftly and decisively, cutting supply. Commodity prices are up over 50% since just before Christmas. Demand should put in a seasonal bottom this month.

Adults acting sensibly.

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