Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm in. <---- That's is not a real chart, but rather a pictorial of how it's going. The U.S. economy, fiscal policy, Obama's Presidency, consumer confidence.

This market stinks. The common equity of hundreds of firms that have a complicated balance sheet is a crap shoot, and few in the mainstream media focus on it. If you read this with any regularity you might have noticed that I don't mind highlighting the positive, what could go right scenario if I can see it as possible. Doesn't even have to be probable.

Nothing I can see leads me to believe that this market is not going lower. I couldn't log into my blog today from the office or I would have written this as soon as the premarket strength showed signs of rolling over.

Things are bad right now. No one is smarter than the market. Certainly not the government.This is going badly, and could get a whole lot worse.

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