Thursday, February 5, 2009

It Could be Worse

This is a real exchange I just had with a Wall St. sales guy:

[14:58] xxx: has there ever been worse firs two weeks of performance, in the history of presidents, than this one?
[14:59] me: stock market performance or his performance?
[14:59] xxx: his performance
[14:59] xxx: and i think they are inversely correlated
[14:59] me: he's clueless
[15:00] me: so far
[15:00] xxx: i guess i bought the hype
[15:00] xxx: but good lord
[15:00] xxx: he's awful
[15:00] me: he hasn't really done anything
[15:00] me: yet
[15:01] xxx: except let nancy pelosi and the rest of the pigs have an orgy creating this nonsensical stimulus bill
[15:01] me: good point
[15:01] xxx: and then throw out ridiculous fear mongering about how if we don't sign this thing now, our economy will never recover
[15:02] me: i need a beer
[15:03] xxx: me too


I wrote this morning about the common at Sirius being in trouble. The stock is up 17% today. Looks like short covering to me but I haven't confirmed that.

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