Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Favorite Sentence of the Day

And maybe the week. From excellent blog Cassandra Does Tokyo:

"Despite the sorry state of markets far and wide, and even sorrier state of the real economy that is lagging the former, a week of traveling, planes, trains, and hotels with attendant over-indulgence in popular newspapers, television and radio has revealed the latest rip-roaring and snorting bull-market: simple-minded interviewers wheeling out pedestrian interviewees from any remotely-related tangential financial discipline - most with paltry knowledge and understanding of the current economic crisis, economic history, and financial markets but all who are recriminating, pontificating, moralizing, wagging fingers, denying and defending in a blind-leading-the-blind retributional media-equivalent of road-rage."

Yowsa. My wife, who has great common sense, wants me to stop watching CNBC.

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