Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Bubble

We need one. Even a small one.

European markets are up and our futures are up nicely. It looks as though we will recoup some of the shellacking we were handed yesterday, but yesterday was truly awful.

It would be nice if something away from stocks would start working on a sustained basis - making people money and making people feel good. Oil is back below $50, gold is stalled out below $1000 - could it be all those Cash for Gold parties? Commodities are back to acting like commodities.

The extent to which the government is involved in the fixing and running of the economy is frightful - from managing auto and insurance companies to deciding which banks will survive and who will run them to an unrepentant rush to regulate both things that should have been regulated all along and things that shouldn't. Whether you like this body of work or not, it is going to take some time for it to bear fruit. If something else was working, and we weren't fixated daily on who is doing what, it would be much easier to get where we need to be.

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Patrick Coughlin said...

Gold is staying under $1,000 for a simple reason... supply and demand.
The gold parties, jewelers, pawn shops and hotel buying events are drawing in thousands of kilos weekly. This gold goes to the refiners, then sold back to the jewelers. Mining gold has slowed considerably due to this recycled gold coming in, plus the jewelry industry sales of gold are down 50%. Within 12 months, the gold we are buying will be almost gone, eliminating the secondary market. If the economy is still unstable, gold prices should raise dramatically. Pat