Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cloud Computing

This is going to be interesting.

"Microsoft and have clashed with IBM and a group of other leading technology companies over an attempt to set some broad technology principles for the coming era of “cloud computing”.

The unusual public spat points to a deeper struggle under way between some of the world’s biggest technology concerns as they try to position themselves for what is expected to be the next big thing in the tech "

"Cloud computing" has not been precisely defined yet but the horses are jockeying for position. It's an open-ended reference to the idea that as the Internet increases to improve in bandwidth, it's possible and maybe optimal to have more of the computing power that you use centralized somewhere else as opposed to on your own computer.

Who will get paid for it? Obviously, the hardware guys, content providers or the guys who own the pipes. Or maybe Google. IBM? That I don't see. Watch that space.

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