Sunday, March 22, 2009


Looks like it's on like Donkey Kong.

For Sun, 24 years of ugh with one half-decade of brilliance --->.

WSJ is stating rather definitively that the IBM lawyers are going through the Sun contracts to make sure they didn't give away the farm or something. The deal should be a wrap this week. Elsewhere in the Journal they remind us that Sun's market cap was over $200 billion at the peak. That looks like a typo but isn't. Those were the days, sort of.

"Throughout the bubble days there were reams of insightful, logical and compelling arguments from the bears on why things were destined to fail. Of course they were ultimately correct, but many of them were so early that they missed tremendous gains.

The idiotic bulls who bought into the new paradigm argument look absolutely foolish in retrospect, but they are the ones who made the big money if they employed a halfway decent money-management methodology." James DePorre

There will be another bubble. I wouldn't mind catching a piece of it.

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