Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Stupidity

"LAKE WATEREE, South Carolina (CNN) -- At a time when the U.S. Postal Service says it is experiencing a financial crisis, it purchased a $1.2 million home from an employee so he could relocate, a CNN investigation has found.

The 8,400-square-foot, six-bedroom home on Lake Wateree, about 30 miles north of Columbia, is likely to be the last million-dollar home purchased by the Postal Service. A $1 million cap on homes eligible for the relocation program took effect in February, Frey said. "

Of course it is easy to be outraged by stories like this. Can we please ask everyone to answer to a higher standard of accountability, not just Wall Street? I've been relocated and no employer ever bought my house. That guy must be one hell of a customer service manager.

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