Monday, March 9, 2009

Not quite full circle

Henry Blodget, the former star Internet Analyst at Oppenheimer and Merrill Lynch, saw his Wall Street career ended by Eliot Spitzer et al over conflicts of interest in research.

Henry - a good analyst and a good writer - was forced to reinvent himself. He founded and now presides over a family of websites where he writes prolifically and with insight and humor. Silicon Alley Insider, Clusterstock, Green Sheet and The Biz are his properties and today in Silicon Alley Insider he questions the achievability of the 10% growth rate that analysts are expecting for Google over the next three quarters.

The reason that I bring it up is that Blodget's call was highlighted as market moving news in the morning email of a Wall Street sales guy today.


Despite the Merck / Schering-Plough merger announcement, U.S. futures are ugly this morning. The lack of fun continues.

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