Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's the good news?

The bad news is that the unemployment rate is now 8.1%. I guess the President would say that that is last year's business, but February 2009 is clearly in 2009 and post-inauguration so we better deal with it.

I think unemployment will he 10% this cycle, but I am not in the camp that says if we are going there we might as well get there as soon as possible. I do think that about housing prices, tough. On jobs, I think we need a cogent strategy asap, preferably a pork-free one.

"Unemployment has already reached the average rate the White House projected for the whole year. The administration needs to keep its focus on repairing the banking system and implementing the stimulus, rather than get diverted by other goals such as healthcare changes"

If that ^^^ thought is not obvious to you, please don't run for office.

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