Thursday, April 16, 2009

China Has a Problem

It’s us, kind of. Demand for exports from China has been understandably struggling and the Chinese economy decelerated further to 6.1% y/y growth in Q1.

“While we are facing difficulty in relying on external demand, we have to turn back to domestic demand, including consumer spending and investment, to sustain growth,” said statistics bureau spokesman Li Xiaochao.


Microsoft's interest in Facebook valued the company at $15 billion. Talk this week indicates that Facebook is looking to raise more money pre IPO, at a valuation of either $2 billion or $4 billion. This numbers are not close together, by the way.

Microsoft's buying less than 2% of the company for $240 million in 2007 looks kind of silly right now. That being said, if Facebook is willing to take money at a $2 billion valuation, Microsoft should take all that it can get.

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timsmith said...

But you can still get cash and a handy.