Monday, April 6, 2009

More Government Unfortunately

The WSJ is talking his morning about the upcoming debate on how to spend the portion of the stimulus package that will be dedicated to upgrading internet access speeds nationwide. The FCC isn't scheduled to turn in its plan until next February so it could hardly be considered near-term stimulus.

A lot can change in a year.


I'm surprised that the futures are up this morning given the missile shenanigans in North Korea over the weekend. I didn't watch any TV yesterday so I don't know what the experts' opinion is of whether Obama is up for this type of challenge so soon.

"In Prague on Sunday, Obama condemned the North Korean launch as a "provocative" act and used the incident as a fresh reminder of the world's dangers. He promised a broad new government effort to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons and eventually rid the world of them."

Some sort of firmer response may be required in the end.


Geithner decided to remind us yesterday that he has the right to forcibly remove execs from bailed out companies. That's news?

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