Monday, April 13, 2009

What a weekend

Happy Easter. Get back to work. The futures are pointing to a lower opening and it is a slow news day so it doesn't look as though there will be a catalyst to turn things around pre.

What a Masters yesterday. Wow Bob, wow. Obscure David Lynch reference.

Anybody notice that we've had one huge health care M&A deal after another this year? "Express Scripts Inc., the third- largest manager of U.S. drug benefits, agreed to buy Wellpoint Inc.’s pharmacy-benefit management units for $4.68 billion, gaining about 25 million members." Maybe the plan is to let a handful of healthcare companies get too big to fail, make them government sponsored entities a la Fannie and Freddie and back into universal healthcare that way.

Twitter viruses are the new hott.

Pirates. Dead pirates. High seas adventure. Arrrrgh.

Microsoft and Yahoo. On again? Yawn. It looks like Eay is ready to pull the plug on Skype, which from the point of view of Ebay shareholders, must have been one of the more expensive experiments in the history of the Web. More on that later.

Lots of bank earnings this week. If they're all as good as Wells Fargo, the race is on. They won't be. Lots of alpha lying around.

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