Friday, May 22, 2009


Is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend the official/unofficial first day of summer? It sure feels like it. At 6:00 am it is 52 degrees already in sunny Central New Jersey.

I played an awesome one-day member/guest yesterday at Trenton Country Club. That is the stately Clubhouse to the left. The course was in great shape, the company was great, the weather was perfect, the pace of play was great. Thanks MC. Sorry about the 38-or-so putts I took.


I for one am happy that temporary AIG Chief Edward Libby is stepping down, and soon. On March 19 I wrote the following:

"Ed Liddy, the volunteer, out-of-retirement, pro bono CEO of AIG got treated very unfairly by some on the hill yesterday. Shame on those populist jokers."

I think the jokers I was referring to was the Congressional Finance Committee. Something like that. AIG was a giant fraud when operating unfettered by intelligent oversight. Now it is a giant mess. Good luck to the government in finding someone more competent to clean it up.

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Anonymous said...

38 putts? No way! Very pumped you were able to make it. Great group and great fun. Thanks for playing.