Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intel EU Decision

The European Union's antitrust folks just handed down their decision on whether Intel has played fair over the last decade or so. Intel has been found guilty in this round. The fine is close to $1.5 billion dollars (the biggest antitrust fine ever I hear), which sounds to me like a number that the prosecutors thought Intel could afford rather than one based on actual damages.

Undoubtedly Intel will appeal. AMD has been struggling so anybody looking at the situation could stretch their view of the playing field to favor AMD. If you lose every time, the other guy must be cheating, right?

The real point here is as follows: Intel is too big for AMD to fail. I wouldn't sell Intel on this news if I owned it (I don't) but I might buy AMD. Heck, AMD is so cheap that its P/E is negative.
I think I just heard that Geithner is speaking at a Rotary Club meeting today.

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