Thursday, May 7, 2009

Internet Explorer 8

As I was struggling with a virus a couple of weeks ago I downloaded the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, IE 8. I hate it.

  • When you open a new tab, it takes forever. The software is busy populating the tab with thumbnails of sites you have visited and a list favorites you have used. Ugh
  • Typing a URL in the address bar is next to impossible. The software is trying so hard to guess what you are trying to type that I almost never get it right
  • I can't copy and paste into Blogspot's "compose" window. This is a big deal since I don't have many original ideas. I have to go to the "edit html" window then toggle back after pasting. Don't even ask me how I figured that out.

I'd like to finish by saying, "On the other hand, feature x is great," but I haven't found one yet.

I think it's time to study a little Firefox this weekend.

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