Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three Cheers for Reddit

Online news aggregator and ranker Reddit moved up a few notches on my list this week. If you have received an unsolicited call or 46 that your auto warranty is about to expire, it's good news for you too. Reddit users banded together in protest to get back at auto warranty company Auto One, according to the Wall Street Journal:

"Using phone numbers for Auto One Warranty Specialists Inc. that users posted to a Web site called, Mr. Silveira joined dozens of activists who have peppered the warranty company with messages including elevator music, threats and offers of rude services.

"I thought, if you get a bunch of people together, you could blow up their voice-mail boxes," says Mr. Silveira.

The recipient of their efforts is David Tabb, the 42-year-old president of Auto One, an Irvine, Calif., warranty company with 60 employees. He says Reddit users overloaded his phone lines with computerized calls, changed voice-mail greetings on his company's system, and even threatened arson. People have been conspicuously honking outside his home, he says. To cope, he redirected some of the numbers that activists had been calling."

Ha ha.

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