Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apple iPhone for Enterprise

Not the Starship Enterprise. I've been expecting something like this for a while.

"Apple kicks iPhone for enterprise efforts into overdrive
Apple this week stepped up its efforts to take on rivals Research in Motion and Microsoft in the corporate smartphone market, releasing a lengthy guide aimed at helping system administrators deploy iPhones throughout big businesses while simultaneously taking advantage of over a dozen new enterprise features delivered this week."

This is an uphill battle for sure. Large company IT dudes and dudettes are notoriously change-averse. They know how to manage the Blackberry device and infrastructure and will resist the change. That being said, Apple definitely has a shot, as always. That battle ground, especially in financial services, is still RIMM's to lose.
edit - I was just looking through the RIMM numbers reported last night. 80% of net new subscribers last Q for RIMM were consumers, not enterprise. Could Apple be making a dent in large biz already? Maybe.

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