Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lots of Levels

The USA Today has a story today about how American executives have been shamed into playing less golf.

That makes sense in this type of environment. Especially the following quote:

""CEOs are golfing less … and those that are still golfing are probably talking about it less," says Steve Bennett.."

One thing that surprised me is the following set of stats:

"Many CEOs and CEO experts say image is largely at play. Just 25% of adults have a favorable opinion of CEOs in the June Rasmussen survey, the lowest of all professions surveyed, including members of Congress at 30%. Among other executives, only 14% have a positive view of CEOs, according to research released this month by Weber Shandwick."

75% of adults think CEOs stink? Sure, there are a lot of top execs who have screwed up, but I thought we were working in a meritocracy. They didn't get those jobs by lottery.

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With you on that. pcr