Saturday, June 13, 2009

Restaurant Crooks

I took my boys to Monmouth Park race track today to teach them a little about horses and racing. Not that I know that much about it but it was a nice day and quality time with my sons is always a good idea.

We didn't get lost on the way back which at times is quite a feat in Central NJ going east-to-west but were hungry by the time we got back to the Princeton area and against our better judgement stopped at a TGI Friday's for dinner.

It was totally uneventful until the ladies across the aisle from us asked for the check and when it came, called our mutual waitress over. Something was on the bill that shouldn't have been. The waitress said to them, "Oh yeah, I noticed that but the manager didn't get a chance to take it off your check. Just give me your card and your total will be $5 less."

I didn't think much of it until our check came. There was an extra soda on there for $2.49. I immediately looked for out waitress but she was taking someone's order. She literally ran over to me after taking their order and the following convo occurred,

"I saw you looking at me. Is there a problem?"
"Yes, there's a soda on here that I didn't order." (I was drinking beer.)
"Oh yes. I saw that. I asked the manager to take it off but he didn't get around to it. Just give me your card and your check will be $2.50 less."

I guess this works a lot of the time if the manager is in on it. Not if I'm on to it.

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