Sunday, June 28, 2009

TechCrunch Proves It

Twitter-related folks are trying way too hard to make Twitter the next new, big thing. Check out this article at TechCrunch. Some tech startup whiz created a Twitter app to allow Twits to trade stocks via their Twitter feed.

"For instance, if you’d want to buy 200 shares of Apple, you would tweet ‘@pollytrade buy 200 shares AAPL’ and likewise for selling e.g. 100 shares of General Electric (’@pollytrade sell 200 [typo is theirs for a change] shares GE). After communicating with E*Trade, which should only take a few seconds, PollyTrade tweets back your order status along with your brokerage order number. In case something went wrong - because of incorrect formatting or a refusal from your broker - you’ll receive an error message instead so you know the order didn’t go through."

If you tweet this info publicly, everybody can see your trades, which if I know you, will be embarrasing. If you tweet this info privately, it's called email.

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