Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Facebook Rollng Over?

Or just over the hill?

It has been my contention, and probably near-consensus, that Facebook will stay cool as long as the kids think it's cool. ReadWriteWeb has some troubling stats this week on the changing demographics of Facebook users, based on Facebook's own data. Over the six months ending July 4, the number of High School and College Facebook accounts has gone down by 16% and 21% respectively. The kids are going somewhere else, which is a bad sign for Facebook.

Where are the adults going to go? My 40-something generation has fully embraced Facebook. Are we going to go somewhere else as well? This is less likely as we took a while to learn it, have pics of our families on it and the perceived pain of switching is real. Plus it works. Most of us are OK with not being cool.


The CFTC is looking into reigning in the commodity speculators. I'd be OK with increased margin requirements, as I do believe that there has been too much speculation. If the whole process puts some downward pressure on oil price, that would be a nice bonus.

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