Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For My Next Trick

Let's see what the market has up its sleeve to follow up the big performance of yesterday. Based on what I've read last night after the close and this morning, the most vocal bears have been the technical analysts and yesterday's pop really has them scratching their heads.

Futures are up here and foreign markets are up overseas boding well for the open, for now at least. There will be earnings reports between now and then.


Dell made cautious margin comments last night ahead of its analyst meeting today. Lower priced notebooks are another secular trend not in their favor, but in addition short term panel and memory prices are not cooperating at all. I'm not sure if the magnitude of the margin pressure is clear or how much it was expected. Merrill Lynch's early comments indicate that they had been expecting some.

I don't know whether the PC supply chain can shake this one off today.

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