Thursday, July 9, 2009


"A rural town in Australia has voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale of bottled water over concerns about its environmental impact.

Campaigners say Bundanoon, in New South Wales, may be the first community in the world to have such a ban."

While I salute personal freedom, disposable water bottles are one thing that truly bug me, particularly when I see young kids arrive at a sports game with commercially bottled water rather than a sports water bottle.

End rant.


I am disclaiming responsibility for any spelling mistakes in this blog until further notice. The Google/Blogger spell check program appears to be drunk, or not working properly, and my editor has fled to Cap D'Antibes for the summer.


Interesting pissing match going on between the U.S. government, who says that UBS must hand over names of American Swiss bank account holders, and the Swiss government, which says UBS may not.

If the U.S. prevails, the modern rich dude status symbol that is the secret Swiss bank account goes poof. If the Swiss prevail, well, uh, Switzerland is not going to win a big one against the U.S. so I'll stop right here and put my money on some kind of compromise .

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