Monday, July 13, 2009

Tech This Week

Intel reports earnings Tuesday after the close and Google, IBM and Texas Instruments report Thursday evening, so things are getting rolling.

Dell's analyst meeting is today. I had been trying hard to get more positive on this name but their efforts have not come with the normal Dell-like execution. I'm waiting and seeing since the stock could be very cheap.

Sun shareholders vote on the Oracle offer on Thursday as well, in what should be a landslide. Who in their right mind wouldn't want that deal?

Away from tech, many of the biggest banks are also reporting this week, and are probably more important for the broad market, which according to many technicians is hovering at an important level.


If this is a hoax, then this weekend it was one of the most widely reported-on tech hoaxes an a while. A Chinese firm appears to have already produced a knockoff of Amazon's Kindle reader, which should create a ton of pricing pressure, in a good way for both consumers and adoption rates.

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