Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Earnings etc.

  • JP Morgan numbers will be out soon and I'd bet they're going to be good
  • IDC data indicate that Apple Mac shipments in June were well ahead of estimates
  • BofA and Citi have secret deals with the government? On the Day Hank Paulson gets grilled? He is going under the bus
  • China's GDP grew 7.9% in the 2nd quarter. Better than expected and better than ours. They must have directed their stimulus money at actual stimulus

Google and IBM are reporting tonight. The shorts have been trying hard to spook investors on Google's quarter. It was probably good. On IBM, in an up market, even their good news usually isn't good enough.

I'm hearing that NOBODY (investors I mean) is at Semicon West, the semi equipment trade show that analysts actually attend. The rally can probably continue is chip equipment if people aren't over thinking it.

Futures are kind of flat. JP Morgan and Nokia will probably set the tone this morning.


JP Morgan is a beat top and bottom. Should be good enough.
Nokia - the quarter was OK but the margin guide down for the rest of the year is very disappointing. Nokia sells over 1.1 million phones per day but their high end offerings can't compete with RIMM and Apple.

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