Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August can be Depressing

If you're not on vacation. It feels as though most people are on vacation - investors and company executives and newsmakers. Only the media outlets have the same level of coverage as they do during earnings season.

Hence the mania at CNBC and others this morning to make big news about Obama's confirmation that he intends to offer Bernanke another term as Fed Chairman.

This was bound to happen and Ben B. still has five months left on his current term.


What kind of bottom/recovery are we going to get? V, W, U, Verizon V, square root sign, L? Applause to those who say they don't know. I wonder when individual stocks are going to come back into fashion.

Financial services firms, particularly those who are market-related, are big advertisers for financial media. Some or lots of the potential consumers of these services - individual investors - have sworn off the market. It would be a boon to all involved if these folk were to get re-involved in investing. It's hard to get Joe Investor excited about the next big tech stock when all the chatter is about macro projections and Washington DC machinations.


According to this Bloomberg article, Apple has the hottest store on NY's 5th Avenue. Not Soho. Not Silicon Valley. 5th Avenue.

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