Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Back from Canada. 10 days and I drove about 2,000 miles, played some golf, visited family and friends, bought expensive gas, crossed the border very slowly twice and redeveloped a hint of my old Canadian accent.

I was travelling with my brother for most of the week. He lives in California and we both have Verizon cell phone service. Once we got 250 miles outside of Toronto, my phone stopped working but his service was fine. It was like going back to 1998.

This market feels shaky despite yesterday's bounce. Consensus seems to be looking for a 5 - 10% correction in the short term, so most of the time I'd be prepared for something different but who knows.

The average Canadian is quite amused at this health care debate that we are having. The bottom line is that said average Canadian believes that a single payer system in which everyone is covered is an inalienable right. It's never that simple.

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