Monday, August 3, 2009

Citigroup and Some Other Stuff

I wrote earlier about Citi/Phibro and their vastly unpopular $100 million man. Why not just turn his compensation into equity in that subsidiary, and book his comp as a capital gain and not bonus?

Citi owes taxpayers a lot of money. This guy is a money making machine. Easy game.


Lots of optimists got up earlier than I today. Futures are quite perky.


I still don't like oil being above $70/bbl.


I was at my mother in law's place this weekend and was trying to figure out why her computer was running so slowly. Viruses, despite the fact that I had installed McAfee antivirus software last year. I downloaded a couple of free scan programs, all of which found dozens of viruses that McAfee wasn't finding. Junk. The stock is up nicely this year which makes it today's easy money anecdotal short.

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