Friday, September 25, 2009

It's 6:00 am

Do you know where your tech stocks are?

They're all over the place.

  • RIMM's number's were just plain not good enough. Time to regroup.

  • HP issued guidance that was lukewarm. They're too big ($27 billion/q in revenue) to grow much without the economy.

  • Chinese online gaming company Shanda Interactive priced its IPO last night at the high end of the range after having upsized the deal a couple of weeks ago. This makes it the biggest U.S. IPO this year.

  • Morgan Stanley cuts numbers on Microsoft ahead of the quarter for no particular reason
  • Citi and Stifel both raised numbers or price targets on Google yesterday.
  • VZ officially (I think), for now, rejects the PALM Pre. My buddy Ski desperately wants to love either MOT or PALM. I've seen plenty of people play the value tech game; not many of them well. Godspeed to him.

Another laptop problem today - grrr. I think this one is going to laptop heaven soon. It has been a trooper.

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Anonymous said...

wat? i dont love palm lol. it was a nice daytrade trade for a few moments and then it looked like a takeover for another few moments and then well, i dont know whats keeping it up other than that.
after the dis from verizon they are screwed imo. that was an important new revenue stream.
i wouldnt touch them with a ten foot pole. ummmm nice phone though lol. if only that was what mattered.
i like motorolas upside though, potentially. watching, waiting, if their new phones get a hit by xmas they will be back in business. potentially. they have the marketing machine to make a good phone a hit. see: razr.
i look at cell phones like beer marketing. rolling rock was a redneck beer before it was repackaged as a yuppie beer and suckers all latched on.
PALM is a HORRIBLE marketer. i cant even remember SEEING an ad for the pre on tv. motorola will jazz these multiple phones with multiple suppliers up and make it work on tv.
people are sheep and using facebook, twitter and others in marketing will reach a lot of technology tards when they see it is easy.
about 3 years ago i showed my mda from tmobile to a girl in a store and she went totally bananas thinking of keeping in touch with her myspace people all day. we all know that has taken off in appeal but there are still millions of people like her who a little advertising to get the idea in there would make them buy it.

even the iphone doesnt have that angle in marketing yet. maybe because doing things like AIM on the iphone is stupid because if you click off it there is no push going that gets you the messages. very aggravating, i deleted the program. i use fb on the iphone now that it has upgraded but its limitied. motorolas will be all push, all programs integrated, all the time.
its taking the social networking to another level.
yet, as with anything, it could still fail. im just saying the angle is the right one to WORK, keep tabs on it. if the first batch of sales reports out eventually are better than expected its worth considering.