Saturday, March 12, 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer is my new ex-friend

  1. Apple had a big iPad day yesterday. The iPad 2 launch was sold out all over the place.

  1. I had to uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer again. 

  1. Another natural disaster, this time in Japan.

While we have had a lot of disasters lately, I hope we don’t have another one any time soon. 

On one and two, this is still not an Apple house other than a few iPods but that  won’t last forever.  I like the functionality of my Gmail account almost as much as that of Outlook, and it is way better in some ways. I can feel the end of the Microsoft stronghold on the operating system coming closer, but in terms of my browser, the virus/bug I got this week in IE was truly ridiculous.

While IE has been the default browser on this laptop since I got it, I have also downloaded Firefox and Chrome to play around with.  The bottom line on the other two is that while they feel faster, I didn’t want to spend the time to learn the tricks and shortcuts until this week. I have now switched to Chrome permanently.  The IE browser bug went as follows:  about 50% of the time I opened a new tab in an existing window or clicked on a link, the new tab would open, crash, open again the go crazy and tell me that my IE has gone off to software heaven.

I ran virus scans with Norton and Malwarebytes, Googled a fix, asked on Twitter, searched on Twitter.  Either I was the only person with that problem or nobody cares about the problem. I am joining that latter camp.

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