Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Beer Revolution

I'm old enought that I remember when there was no light beer.

Then, about 25 years ago in my neck of the woods, people slowly started trying light beer and liking it. I don't remember anyone saying, "Yeah, I'd like a beer but it's so heavy, I think I'll have a spritzer instead."

I drink Coors Light now and most of my friends either drink CL or Miller Lite. I'm not sure what the market share numbers look like but I'm sure that the light beers are dominating, at least in the Northeast.

Since it is possible that we didn't "need" light beer, might it be time for the beer companies to invent something new?

Zima-type clear beer didn't reallly work. Bud Lime and Miller Chill are nowhere. Is it time to introduce even-lighter beer?

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