Friday, November 7, 2008

What's Going On?

It's Friday morning and U.S. stock futures are higher, European markets are higher and Asian markets were mixed.

Morgan Stanley Europe just made a big call to buy stocks, looking for 15% outperformance over the next year. WSJ takes another shot at the hedge fund redemptions story. Yawn. We get another bad jobs number in a couple of hours.

The big news today is probably that Obama is going to meet with his financial advisors today then address the press.

My friend Charlie Minter of Comstock Partners does a good job over here articulating the huge structural issues that Obama will have to deal with in order to make any progress with this economy. The deleveraging that still needs to happen, in Charlie's opinion, will prevent economies worldwide from growing for some time. It's probably a fantastic time to go out and find some stocks for your portfolio that can grow.

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