Thursday, March 12, 2009

Doesn't feel like Thursday

Don't read too much into that, though. It is Thursday.

The market appears to be a little tired after the last two days. The shorts probably did most of the work on Tuesday fueling the rally. That we didn't give half of the gains back yesterday is notable.

The futures are down a little as we approach 6:00 am. Oil seems like a non-event this month and the currency markets are still showing the "hide in quality" trade.

I don't know whether the market has bottomed. Still. To me, the more interesting question is whether stocks have reached a level where good fundamental ideas can work. I, and most investors, don't need every stock to go up. It is an impossible market when every stock is going down. Something in between as a new normal would be wonderful.


I don't really care what happens to Madoff from here. I would like to know where the money went. I would like to see folks get as much back as possible. Don't bother shutting the barn door. The horse is gone.
If I had a helicopter there are about a zillion things I would rather be doing than following Madoff's ride to the courthouse.


Finally a battery breakthrough? The BBC is reporting the following:

"A new manufacturing method for lithium-ion batteries could lead to smaller, lighter batteries that can be charged in just seconds."

Big deal etc.

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