Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google wants all your information

They might let you see it too if you're lucky.

The news yesterday:

"For years now, Google has watched and often recorded where you've gone online, what you've searched for, what videos you've watched and even what you write in your e-mails.

But the advertising and search giant has always said it only used that data to make its services work better, and that the company did not build dossiers on its users. Instead Google used the term someone searched on that moment or what content was on a partner's web page to decide what ads to show.

That wall toppled Wednesday -- when Google announced that it would begin selling behavioral profiling ads."

Google will track your behavior to determine how to best show ads to you. The good news is that if you're an 18 year old man, you'll see fewer ads for old age homes. The bad news is that this probably doesn't stop here. I don't want anybody, let alone a large corporation, tracking my every click. How much information "sharing" is too much? We're getting there.

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