Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apple Buzz

The type of news flow that you get out of Apple is very closely tied to the stock price action. When the stock is weak it's ease to focus on Steve Jobs' health or the death of teh high end consumer. The quick jaunt from $80 to $125 (6-month chart to the left) has lots of people looking for a new product cycle to pin further hopes on, or at least as an explanation of the recent move.

The USA Today and others have been talking about a version of the iPhone for Verizon. More likely in my opinion is a device that aims directly at current flavor of the month, Amazon's Kindle book reader.

Jason Schwartz at Seeking Alpha makes a very good case for the device at Verizon or in general to be an Apple Media Tablet which could be a very big product indeed. It makes perfect sense to me so maybe I'm missing something.

Maybe not.

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