Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This laptop that I use every day is infected with the trojan.adclicker virus and has slowed to a crawl. If I had a worst enemy, I would track him down today and give him this computer.

Since I don't have a worst enemy, I'm switching to Ninja mode after this post and am going to battle this thing until it kills me or it.

Futures are firmer today which makes perfect sense. Morgan Stanley did a call with Institutional Clients yesterday at 11:00 to discuss the ramifications for investors of Swine Flu, which means that said ramifications are minimal. Go ahead and buy the stocks you like.

**** has the line on U.S. GDP being positive in Q3 at 35% or so, up nicely with the market since early March. I'm not sure where consensus is but that seems high to me. That would be some kind of snap-back.

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PCR said...

That is a serious drag. Good luck being a ninja - do you have to look the part?