Saturday, May 23, 2009


You may be thinking, after reading the title of this post, that I am a weak-minded soul who allows himself to be defined by the calendar.

Ha ha. Not so. I do enjoy the weekends though, and because of that, I offer you the following joke.

A construction worker named Chow Fun woke up sick one day. He called his boss, “Hey boss. Chow fun here. I sick. I no work today.”

His boss replied, “Chow Fun, we really need you today. We are two weeks behind on this job. Chow Fun, when I feel that way, I tell my wife that I need sex. After that, I always feel better.”

Chow Fun said, “OK boss, I try. I call you later.”

A couple of hours later Chow Fun calls back, “Hey boss, I did you say. I feel better. I come work now.”

The boss says smugly, “That’s great Chow. I told you it would work. See you soon.”

Chow finishes by saying, “Hey boss, you got nice house.”

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