Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple is Sneaky

<--- That is a 10-year chart on sneaky bastard Apple. The last couple of years in the stock have echoed what has been going on in the broader market but that run leading up to the turmoil was spectacular.

The Apple Worldwide Developers' conference kicked off yesterday and Apple didn't shock the gadget world with anything breathtakingly new or unexpected on the phone front. Nor did Steve Jobs roll out onto the stage like he never left. Sneaky.

Instead, they moved the existing iPhone down to the $99 price point and intro'd the iPhone S (speed). Faster, more features, better camera. Both moves were exactly what the market needed. Very sneaky indeed.

They did also announce a few updates to the Mac line but the lack of wow there was a little surprising. It's soon going to be time for the next big thing in the Mac portfolio.


The cyclical tech trade (be long it) continues. Texas Instruments took up numbers at its mid quarter update lase night.

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