Monday, June 8, 2009

Sell in May

"Reluctantly crouched at the starting line, engines pumping and thumping in time."

Summer Monday.

I played a 3-day Member Guest Thursday/Friday/Saturday. A little-known fact is that that kind event is the leading cause of heart attact and stroke in white American males aged 35 - 60. I survived. Weee.

Did you sell in May and go away? That ^^ is a 2-year for the S&P 500, right at the 200 day moving average. My gut is that not many people did. The old highs, and hedge funds' old high water marks, and the level where people (future retirees) think their 401(k) should be is still way above where we are now. There is lots of room to the upside from a technical perspective as well. That doesn't mean that socks are going higher but you gotta be in it to win it.

All that being said, futures are lower and the lack of news has me thinking that people don't really want to be here today.


The Apple Developers' Conference kicks off today and the Palm Pre went on sale over the weekend. There is still great interest in the wireless space, as spending here has proven to be recession-proof and the steady stream of new product gives investors lots to focus on.

Big iPhone price cuts coming.

Tiger Woods was made for television. Awesome weekend.


China continues to choose the road less travelled.

BEIJING -- China plans to require that all personal computers sold in the country as of July 1 be shipped with software that blocks access to certain Web sites, a move that could give government censors unprecedented control over how Chinese users access the Internet.

It's funny that there is no real backlash in the international community. Not funny haha.

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