Friday, August 7, 2009


Last Friday I wrote that Citi should give the Phibro trader with the big compensation package more equity in lieu of bonus. The NY Times writes today that it looks like it is happening.


$2 billion more gets approved for clunker subsidies. The hangover from this, in terms of the next auto sales air pocket that we are going to have to work though, could be a doozy.


Interesting. Apple and not Microsoft as the King of anti trust, or at least anti competitive tactics?


Big jobs number this morning

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Anonymous said...

skisteve: im going to buy a car with the clunker program soon i hope. trying to find time. have to go buy a clunker for a few hundred bucks first then drag it to the dealer. would be crazy not to since i need a new family car anyhow. new cars are cheaper than used ones with the discount.