Thursday, August 6, 2009

On The Road

I have a color version of that ^ on the wall of my office at home. It is a scene from the main street in the small Canadian town in Northern Ontario that I grew up in. In Canada we spell it colour.

I'm hitting the road Saturday for my annual midsummer visit. I'm stopping in Southern Ontario for a couple of days this weekend, picking up my brother who is also an expat at the Toronto airport Monday night and I'll be arriving up north Tuesday morning.

My family is not going up with me this year due to scheduling conflicts but my golf clubs are and I am seriously having the worst summer of golf that I can remember - probably since the summer I spent in Japan since I never touched a club that year. The reason that I'm writing all of this is that there is a two-man tournament August 15th and 16th which drives the timing of this trip annually, but also and perhaps more importantly a potentially epic pre-tourney match a week from today between myself and my partner and a couple of local semi-legends named Chammy and Frenchy. We lost a little moolah to them last year but it was a side bet, not a heads up match.

It's a little ironic that Chammy is French - French Canadian - and Frenchy may not be but there's no need to get into that. The plan is that we will play a better ball match for an amount of money that makes them just a little uncomfortable, then sit around and talk about the good old days. I have no intention of being uncomfortable.

Chammy is a better short stop than he is a golfer and Frenchy is into politics so probably doesn't want to piss us off. Combine those tidbits with that the fact that I'm due to put a few good rounds together and I think I know how I'm going to pay for the trip.

See you next week boys.


It feels to me as though Cisco earnings are almost never a non-event, but they were today.

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