Friday, August 28, 2009


I woke up late and it's raining. This was supposed to be a great day.

My wife, kids and all the inlaws that were here left for the Outer Banks yesterday. When I got home from the office last evening my intention was to kick off a few blissful days of quiet quiet quiet nothing.

Then I locked myself out of the house.

I didn't exactly do anything to lock myself out. The door from my kitchen to my deck has a lock in the doorknob and a dead bolt. We always lock the deadbolt, never lock the knob lock. Never.

My mother in law had locked it. I went outside to move some stuff since rain was coming and re-entering the house entailed (a) me trying to crawl through a basement window that was way too small, (b) going to a neighbor's house to call a locksmith, (c) waiting like a loser for an hour for him to arrive, (c) paying him $160.12 for the 8 seconds it took him to pick the lock.

Not my finest hour.


Between the time Dell was tripped up in the 90s speculating on currency and the period a few years ago when PCs became a trueish commodity, Dell was revered as a great execution machine and Michael Dell was the man.

Along those lines, Dell's aggressive guidance post earnings last night is being treated as gospel by tech investors, at least in the pre market.

Oh, and Intel just took up 3Q numbers.


AIG is up another 10% pre market. Man oh man I would love to short this stock.

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