Thursday, August 27, 2009

Under the Radar

Drive maker Seagate (STX) is up 8%+ as it was reported that CEO Steve Luczo bought 100k shares on Tuesday. If my memory serves correct, Steve used to be an investment banker, so...


ML is insisting today (good call for a quiet day) that PALM can earn $1.00/share next year. CY 2010 consensus is around breakeven as far as I can tell. The stock at $13 is telling you that real consensus is higher than that.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i have joined the palm wagon as a tech play moving into xmas time.
i got more interested when they nailed down that deal in the UK with the same company that sells the iphone there and who also is big in brazil and south and central america, parent company ticker TEF. it cant hurt having it side by side with the iphone in the same store when it can do more!

plus the palm chart makes me think they hit bottom between earnings (if there is no pullback obv)or were close to it but with the bump the news gave them i hope it keeps it above that. obv a big IF. in a pullback i have this high on my list to get as a value play.

what do you think of that take rob? you follow them closer than i do but thats my initial new to the scene take.